22 April 2014

Semantic Web For Idea Creation

Companies face continuous pressures from the outside in order to function. They also have to keep abreast to the changing tides. Often having a strategy for defining a competitive advantage for a distinctive product and services offering keeps a company on target for consumer demand and profitability against competitors vying for market share. Progressive research and engineering of new ideas can be core aspects of a company's strategic motives for staying competitive in the market. Semantic web can be one such option in developing knowledge engineered solutions to harness better ideas to develop more tangible insights, to represent such knowledge, as well as to discover new knowledge for future which could even come handy for business planning. They could even help in building rich brainstorming ideas with clearly defined contextual maps as well as more constructive ways to backtrack.  Such approaches could even provide insights for companies to better manage their existing resources and business functions in order to identify cost efficiency, for meeting targets, as well as enable more collaboration between internal departments. Furthermore, such approaches could come handy when developing design ideas for specific projects like: logo and identity creation, advertising campaigns, web design, market research campaigns, development of new business ideas, re-engineering of existing platforms, and across the whole idea generation process. They could even come in handy for pharmaceutical industries mining for medical drugs which may require multiple stages of clinical trials as well as a way of effectively backtracking through such trials. Semantically defined idea creation can come in handy in a multitude of domain contexts where there is a clear gain from representation of knowledge.