15 May 2014

Game Of Thrones Editing

Editing of scenes is crucial towards meeting realism within story expectations and providing a consistent character profiles. One of the most annoying aspects that could be had is when the very important part of the scenes are exploding with character mistakes. Game of Thrones has many unique character profiles. However, central to every role is the use of the sword. When one plays their roles or lines incorrectly this can often be overshadowed by the flawed use of the sword. Arya Stark is a character profiled as left-handed. However, this character portrayal is rather confusing as the core aspects of wielding the sword are quite badly managed in sequence. This seems to occur in almost every scene. One would imagine that unless the individual is ambidextrous, it may be quite a training phase to shift the mindset to left-handed. However, where the sword is central to almost every role, it becomes quite crucial in maintaining a certain level of consistency with the character or the realism can often be dissipated. The Hound and Arya scene at the bar is one such example. She starts out clutching the sword with both hands, even throws a bout with both hands, but then we see her attacking with right-hand then picking up needle with the right hand also, only to later swap hands.