14 May 2014

Open Annotations

Open Annotations Community is an interesting collaborative group defining the standards for specifications on interoperable and extendable annotations which can be enabled for sharing across multiple application, device, and service domains. The open approach here looks towards maximizing on accessibility with unfettered access and even for the addition of new techniques. At same time, there is compatibility with use of standard approaches of publish/subscribe models. Although, it does not define a specific protocol for such interactions. The seamless effort is designed to work with the simplicity of the displaced architecture of the web. As a semantic web standard the approach towards an annotation is taken from the viewpoint of an RDF graph serialization. The design stipulates for body with one or more targets which can be defined as URI resources.  Although, some annotations may not utilize a body. Each resource then has a very distinctive metadata and provenance information with any relevant media type that can be dereferenced. Additional representations can also be defined or resolved as changes arise to resources via content negotiation. There are extensive use cases available for open annotations. The open annotations community is also very active and has draft specification in place for data model.