17 June 2014

Pernicious Trends Of Society

These days one of the most overrated music is produced and recorded. Are people's tastes changed so much compared to the past where quality music actually meant something. People have slowly rescinded to listening to rubbish music. Is this in some way influenced by what their peers listen to as a way of following the crowd. Perhaps, the young generations of today have become the follow the crowd sort, giving into the craze mentality of acceptance. It seems uniqueness is meaningless if it is not acknowledged by peers. Perhaps, this is what is breeding dangerous cultural ground in schools. This also develops into crowd mentality of shared beliefs and values which essentially implies bigotry, materialism, and the need for fame and popularity take on a completely new transformation. Such so called artists like Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and so many others are at top of the billboard charts even when their so called music is just terrible. Legohouse is possibly one of the lamest songs. What exactly is a Legohouse, is that a passive way of saying a gingerhouse? We used to have such quality songs in past decades. However, the music industry of today, is more interested in making money than making good music while treating people in the limelight as commodities of the recording trade. And, as such individuals take on the limelight the really good music takes a back seat on music stations. The same can be seen of the lack of quality programmes broadcast on any given TV network or channel. These days materialism and chase for fame have become the main goal of our younger generation. And, to what levels they may go to achieve it also has shocking realities. Lives being dictated by peers becomes extremely difficult for the parents as one might imagine through managing the existence of social networks. It seems the world we are living in slowly disintegrating into a hole of nothingness where more people are without hope and love, but as shallow as the next person. Life for many is changing on any typical day. And, yet we all continue to dream about a better existence in some time in future. Everyone from time to time desires something. Perhaps, some more than others. The disintegration of societies in our midst is all becoming a big reality as the world gets colder by the day and the conceptualization of happiness becomes an even more complex abstraction.