1 June 2014

Brazil World Cup 2014

As preparations are under way to a start to a blazing new World Cup one can undoubtedly expect the unexpected. And, with that a series of exciting events through the nationalist passions and triumphs of what can only be uniquely reflected in a sport of football, especially at such sheer global scale. Also, an interesting aspect of the World Cup is the representative mascot and the face painting that is adorn by fans and football art on women, in particular. Often such aspects bring their own sense of identity to the games. New talented players will also emerge to glorify their country on the field. With the richness of the Brazilian culture there are bound to be a massive hoopla of a party every single night. Unfortunately, British fan expectations might just test the patience of the Brazilian security during the after hours. For most, the ultimate teams really are Argentina, Germany, and Brazil. Those are the three teams that truly make the World Cup so unique and for whom the domination is so clearly displayed in the spectrum of their successes and within their consistency of game plays. And, one can yet only hope for the best for the England national team. Unfortunately, many pundits are well aware that the betting odds are usually stacked against them.  And, as many await in anticipation, it is only in time when the pubs and bars globally will be set alight with football fans willing and eager to watch the games on the big screen and over many a cold pint of beer. No sports game has yet conquered the world as football has and the way it can grab so much solidarity, fervor, and move people to the depths of their core.

Brazilian World Cup Mascot 
Brazil World Cup 2014 Stadium