15 June 2014

England vs Italy

A fairly predictable game. An outstanding but a slow effort by Italy. We may just see Super Mario changing his mohawk hair color at each game if we are lucky. This sort of a meandering and effortless play could be expected from the hype of England. Instances of good plays by England are usually only few and far between and almost rare on most occasions. The players are often overpaid at premier level and pampered way beyond what is necessary. Even after going through scores of climate training and conditioning they still struggled to score goals or at least win the game. Even, as per the press conference, the grass pitch was also perfect to play on. No matter what any one says, effort alone is not enough. It is the winning the game that counts. After all, it is a competition and it has been long awaited for time when England bring home the World Cup. Unfortunately, haphazard and brain-dead plays by England leaves little hope and an eventual defeat. One can imagine that even USA will be able to beat England at their own game. Why is it that English suck at all the major sports that they have so historically developed and formalized over the generations. Apart from, the usual games that simply adapt to the visit to a bar or pub. It seems for much of the new generation the will to fight to the end has seemingly been lost through sympathetic and humanistic ideals. Even materialistic values have overshadowed the patriotic drive which is often necessary in international competitions. The fighting spirit and the competitive mindset is what is seriously lacking in England players.