27 September 2014

Hollywood Lackluster Movies

There was a time when Hollywood used to produce some explosive movies for which that name became synonymous and what made several studios a household name. Over the years the movie industry has been trailing undoubtedly lackluster movies making many wonder where all the good stories have gone. It seems the end is near for Hollywood if they do not get their act together and start producing better movies. Consumers have also become financially conscious. While the movie business ignores the consumer market and wonders on a one track mind towards making money, we can almost see the regrettable emerging in our mist as quality deteriorates in front of our very eyes.  It is funny how far the movie business has come, perhaps the industry has become all too arrogant and egotistic to rapture within its own aura of the past successes. One can witness the same results of actors and actresses, as soon as they win an Oscar they become more and more selective to the point that we do not see them anymore where they are almost reduced to obscurity. Entertainment is a very competitive business and the consumer market is aware and unforgiving. The constant changes in trends and tastes should provide creative minds the room to grow. Yet, the entertainment industry is non the wiser when it comes to the unknown and challenging the status quo. We often find ourselves sitting in front of the TV switching channels as there is rarely ever anything good on. On other occasions it is just repeats and an awful lot of adverts to infuse and confuse our minds. Quality stories and manuscripts are left in translation while people push and shove for the only way they know of making it big with hard cash. Creativity is challenged on a regular basis and often marginalized for many in a narrow road of opportunity. The web is rapidly growing in steam, on a daily basis, as entertainment continues to diverge towards the bountiful internet with its vibrant and ever growing room of opportunity for all. Even the options to watch videos have taken on many facades from the web of connectedness. Hollywood is still struggling to brace itself in an endless play for catchup to embrace technology. There are people now producing quality content on their own without the help of big production houses. Striking it big has taken many forms. Over time the forms that entertainment takes and the way it relates to garnish our emotions will also explode in a diverse spectrum of our creative imaginations. The human mind has no limits when it comes to creativity as long as there is a way to collaborate, share, and grow. Perhaps, it can be argued that content in whatever form it takes should be freely available so people could share and openly capitalize on it. Hollywood may just fade out in time into the ether of the ever growing forms of entertainment on the web like the ghost towns of Detroit.