16 October 2014

Birkbeck College

Birkbeck College has a long history of providing part-time courses. However, the college is short on quality of services. At times, such lack of services even drive potential students away from intending to study at the institution. Embarking on any form of postgraduate study requires considerable commitment especially while working. Although, Birkbeck might be a potential opportunity for many due to their flexibility of evening lectures, they do provide an immense amount of frustration in all their other college services. Fees office is almost two decades behind the times and still manually entering payments and verification. While their response times on the phone and email is equally as bad. Rather than accept complaints for constructive action, they would rather warn and patronize students. When committing towards a course one should always be aware of the content of the modules, whether they have the required depth, and whether studying at such an institution will be frustrating not to mention would the degree be even accredited. Birkbeck College only really cares about getting fees from students without providing satisfactory service nor are their modules thorough enough. The amount of hassle and expense one will receive at Birkbeck College is not worth the time and effort spent in achieving a degree. One is better off choosing alternative options for a more recognized program. Some academic institutions forget that students are the main reason why they even exist. Without students, the academic institution would cease to exist especially as many rely marginally on research and limited government funding. Therefore, it is only plausible that it should be in the best interest of every academic institution to provide quality services as well as respect and care towards students. Academic institutions are the focal point of learning from where innovation and inspiration for better living can be exemplified. However, we often find at universities and colleges that while they strive on teaching and research, they forget that they also have to honor good services for students as well as a civic responsibility for the community.