26 October 2014


Reubens is another salf beef joint in London. But, not much of a match with Selfridges in either service or taste. What Selfridge's Brass Rail provides is relatively better service, more choice, better taste, but also the advantage of being able to complete one's shopping. Apparently, for whatever reason, at many Jewish establishments the service is completely lacking. The service staff are often either half asleep, slow in preparing, or just not very attentive to customers. Even the menus look stingy as if one really had to think of something to fill up the paper while only really having few selections on offer. Moreover, even the food is over priced for the lack of quality. There is also the question of hygiene for many such Jewish restaurants making the notion of kosher almost laughable. Especially, their handling of meat in front of customers whilst serving. Beyond the rather religiously sickening green and brown interior one can almost wonder how much aluminium is being used up by the cooks behind the counter. The almost gloomy looking staff and the emptiness feel is possibly why one would prefer takeaway or run as far away and never look back.