19 October 2014

The Blemished Game of Football

A sad truth lies in how much footballers get paid and the way they seem to get away with crime. Another truth lies in the way the women seem to stand by them. One can almost wonder as to how much women value money and the way moral and ethical values are pervaded by their gold digging ways to cloud their judgement. Will they stick by their man if he were to be disqualified and no longer earning a huge salary? We also find how hypocritical people can be when they are not the victim of a crime. However, when the tables are turned the very same people will no longer be so supportive of such criminal behavior. Football is no longer a professional sport but rather a fool hardy affair where ticket prices are out of control, where players are over paid and reflect little on their performance on and off the pitch, and where spectators display little sense in their behavior both during and after the games. Does a footballer really need to be paid more than a doctor? Is the value of entertainment more than someone working to save lives on a daily basis? Football players make little to no contribution to society with a very limited life to spend on the pitch. This is not to say that all footballers lead a questionable existence. But the professional game does appear to falter at the hinges of ever increasing imperfections and flawed in displaced societal values.