24 December 2014

Hypocritical Western Holidays

Western societies are seeped in hypocritical social conundrums often brought about through capitalist commercial ideals. During Halloween we find ourselves celebrating empty pumpkins and dressing up in wickedly evil costumes. On other occasions like Thanksgiving we find ourselves being thankful only on that particular day. Why must we only be thankful to mothers on a Mother's Day and fathers on Father's Day. On Easter we celebrate all things made in shape of eggs. And, during Christmas we find the value of gift giving and lighting up trees. Turkey is also the most in demand during Thanksgiving and Christmas, even by some vegetarians. Soon after Christmas all the trees are left to die next to the rubbish bins. Unless, it is an artificial tree. When people only seem to care during the season not after the season is over. Wonder what happens to all the tree activists during Christmas time. Then as New Year period approaches it is time when an entire society is at bedrock of party and sex. Most likely also the time when major commercial vendors of condoms and alcohol are in huge demand. Holidays bring much joy for businesses. But, they also command confusion and a lot of hypocrisy for communities. Furthermore, even religious holidays are added on annually. One cannot imagine the confusion that kids would go through as they grow up to realize that such holidays really have no meaning other than to provide more reason to be with family, to breathe, relax, eat in copious amounts, and to shop without remorse.