16 January 2015

Homeland 2014

Homeland was left in disarray after the hanging of Nicholas Brody. In season 4, we see Carrie with her daughter still coming to terms with parenthood then suddenly the loss of her father. At same time, there is another stereotypical story line emerging on Islamic terrorists. There are constant twists and turns in season 4. Eventually, the last couple of episodes provide the audience with much needed information of not only the chemistry between Carrie and Peter, but also the unequivocal entanglements between the US government and terrorism. Moreover, Carrie finds herself in a pickle in questioning her own loyalties as well as the ramifications of her US comrades towards the political links with terrorism groups. However, the season 4 ends in a disarray just as it started, leaving much to be desired. Homeland has turned into quite a frustrating drama series with questionable basis on which they create such deceptive and discriminating story lines.