14 January 2015


A new serial that chronicles a story of a tyrant. A dedicated family man and doctor is brought back to his family homeland in a fictitious Arab country, forcing him to face his past. His father is also the tyrant ruler of that particular country for which he escaped much of his childhood. But, in process of coming home and interacting with his extended family members, he slowly sees his character disintegrating and becomes his own worst enemy. The environment forces him to take action and heed his responsibilities of his place in the family. Ultimately, to plan a coup against his brother. Towards the end of the first season we can almost see him emerging and rediscovering himself as a formidable tyrant, while trying to keep his family from harms way, only to be caught by his own brother. The story line is again based on a myriad of stereotypical nonsense of the west against the Arab world with plenty of bias from an Israeli vantage point. Another prototypical alternative to media propaganda, like homeland, not only against Islam but also of the east. Apart from some relatively questionable acting, the continuous drama, climax, and nail-biting intrigue attempts to keep the story galvanized to capture the interest of the audience.