10 February 2015

Go for Robotics and Internet of Things

Go is a very easy language to learn which can take a mere mortal a day at max to get started and probably less. The language is starting to take shape in a diverse application domains. It is becoming quite useful for cloud computing, and embedded as well as low-level development work. And, even an interesting replacement for shell scripting. Although, the language uses garbage collection, it does derive its roots from the C programming language, especially from looking at the backgrounds of the creators. For Python developers, it will be another useful and familiar arsenal at their disposal. Go is especially becoming useful for Robotics and Internet of Things with several interesting approaches becoming available in the community. It is even taking shape in the Semantic Linked Data space. At moment, the community is slowly starting to accept Go for a variety of application use cases through experimentation and evolution of the language. In time, we are going to witness an emergence of a new ecosystem of Go developers and a resurrection of an almost religious as well as active use for large-scale enterprise applications.