3 February 2015

Marco Polo

A dramatic story line in the perspective of an imprisoned Marco Polo and an interesting look at the Mongolian Empire. In an epic journey, we see a relatively quick transition that Marco Polo takes as a guest into the Mongolian way of life but also the way he develops a sort of kinship with the Kublai Khan. Perhaps, this is shown as his greatest survival strength and wisdom through foreign diplomacy and adaptation. Nonetheless, the story also shows how his own merchant trading father repeatedly undermines him through deceit, putting him into deeper difficulty. Although, the main protagonist is assumed to be Marco Polo, given the title of the series, the real off loaded drama takes place in the fighting scenes, at center stage, with the Kublai Khan. While the pace of the story is relatively slower than could be expected, there is a versatility and balance to the drama from the vantage point of the diverse characters. Hopefully, the audience will get a chance to witness the many adventures recounted of Marco Polo as vivid and visual depictions from his book.