17 February 2016

Brand Ontologies

DBPedia is a massive pool of semantic knowledge as an extension of Wikipedia. A learning agent can use DBPedia as a knowledge source to understand the open world. Entity Extraction can utilize Entity Linking via URI as mapped to DBPedia. However, there is more context necessary beyond the open world that we as humans understand. GoodRelations is an ecommerce web vocabulary, fairly generic and customizable with support of schema.org. Furthermore, it seems necessary to incorporate an extension of the open world to brand ontologies that provide more focused semantic conceptual understanding about products and services. A GoodBrands ontology or vocabulary may provide for a further extension in scope that may be automated via an aspect of web scraping of brand sites to expose customizable brand related schemas. One could by an obvious measure use the site map to identify such products and services of a brand. These schemas could be formalized and then reference linked to DBPedia as a root source for particular contextual concepts. Thus, avoiding any ambiguity of scope for disambiguation. The semantic aspects of natural language processing could be utilized via the Lemon Framework. One could also extend the Brand Ontology from a durable to a non-durable as well as consumable vs a non-consumable, even whether something is a product or a service, a thing or a concept. By having metadata understanding of products and services at a more granular level an agent could then provide for a more insightful inference for knowledge as well as better extraction with domain adaptation over brands and their related semantics in the open world.