22 March 2016

Creative Intelligent Agents

There is great potential in the development of intelligent agents that can outshine humans in their ability to be creative and produce new ideas. Such agents could be utilized for generative art, for developing hit songs, generating ideas that could evolve new profitable business ventures, even to conquer creativity in mass advertising campaigns. One could even use a creative agent to think up a new jingle or a theme for a new John Lewis advert. Creative agents could even be incorporated into understanding plot lines to enable mass appeal for box office and chart topping entertainment. Creative agents could even invent new dance moves and social trends in process. Idea geniuses could be useful for start-ups in exposing untapped business markets, website generation, and even brand development. One could even utilize creative agents to discover new chat-up lines for dating experiences or even to linguistically construct jokes on stage. Furthermore, they could even be adapted for the home cinema experience for augmented reality. Obviously, there are certain underlining complexities in context of creative learning methods and the areas that have been under heavy research have ranged from music composition, painting, to storytelling. Creativity has no real bounds as limits only lie in the imagination and the evolution of artificial intelligence. From conversational agents to more socially ubiquitous agents that can enhance the immersive experiences for humans can only be a good thing.