22 March 2016

Intelligent Agent for ECommerce and Retail

Another intelligent agent use is in ecommerce and retail. The following are a few business cases and service roles that an intelligent agent could provide that can be very useful and in some cases are already actively in use. In some cases, virtual shopping would be ideal. For example, virtually try out clothes or see how a sofa fits in the living room. There is a degree of augmented reality that could add value to the shopping experience. Perhaps, an added distraction of fun while shopping. 

Retail and ECommerce:
  • In-store multi-agent security
  • In-store profiling for individualized customer experience and promotions 
  • In-store shelving and window dressing
  • In-store sentiment monitoring for customer service and experience
  • Out-store sensing of potential conversion of customers
  • In-store sensing of potential curiosity conversion of customers
  • In-store purchases with EReceipts with loyalty promotions, offers, and discounts
  • Personal Assistant
  • Warehouse Agent
  • Delivery Agent
  • Cashier/Check-Out Agent
  • Health, Wellness, and Nutrition Assistant
  • Product Recommendations (Personalization, MorelikeThis, Deep Insights, Social Insights)
  • Semantic Categorization for Search Relevance
  • Stock and Inventory Monitoring
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Loyalty EWallet Service for Fast Transactions
  • Price Monitoring (Price Recommendations, In-Store/E-Store Bargain Analysis, Special Offers)
  • Real-Time Insights (On-shelf, Brand/Product, Promotions, Competitors, Shopper Behavior)
  • Virtual shopping and product tabs for home use