10 June 2016

Intelligent Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance needs to be transparent with claims handling. They also need to profile their clients ethically and cover for legitimate claims. But, many private health insurance companies even lack basic customer service. Some providers are so irresponsible that they even make it difficult for clients to contact them directly. Increasingly, it seems many providers avoid to cover for legitimate claims. In what respects are they being regulated for such practices. CrowedFunded Insurance providers should be the next step forward. This way everyone can be a customer as well as a health provider. Collectively, everyone is reaching a win-win situation rather than a single insurance provider that is driving business out of the medical misery of others. This may also increase medical accessibility for all concerned as well as improve research. Furthermore, deep analytics can be attained on health profiles on the basis of handling claims. Such practices can further be shared in form of peer-to-peer networks between countries so people can take advantage of quality and cost-effective healthcare in a timely fashion without having to wait in a queue or being limited on the choice of a medical professional. However, stringent regulatory and compliance requirements would have to be met. One might wonder that the NHS is partly doing this already. However, the NHS is badly managed, deeply seated in bureaucracy, and some times uncaring medical staff. Also, doctors can directly converge on claims handling avoiding malpractice and increasing the scope for specialist consultation. DNA profiling can also be a step forward towards healthy living for the future as well as personalization in healthcare. The driving force for any healthcare should be that the health of the patient comes first, above all they receive the most appropriate treatment and diagnosis, in a timely fashion, as should be expected without an excessive financial burden.