3 October 2016

Scala Pronunciation

Scala is a very full featured language. One would assume at first that the language having roots from Lausanne, Switzerland would have an ornate history like a circular stairway leading to some fantasy fan fair like the derivative logo design. It is a very continental language, dispersed in many forms which is even displayed in the complexity it derives from being a mix between functional and object- oriented. However, in reality the Scala is an abbreviation simply of the two words combined: Scalable Language. One then wonders how is the language name pronounced. Some people choose to pronounce Scala like the literal manner that it is derived from 'Scale' or 'Scalable' which seems more appropriate in the American English. While others pronounce it as 'Scarlet' which seems more appropriate in the British English.  Apparently, in the way a community likes to be eccentric the wording is rightly pronounced in manner of the 'Scarlet'. However, such things are such misnomers at best at least from the literal abbreviation roots of a 'Scalable Language' as it were.