23 January 2017

Seven Types of Intelligent Robots

Robots are slowly but surely going to take over the world to some degree with their specialized skills. However, it will be useful to categorize the different forms of human intelligence that can be replicated for robotics. It is understood that every human has a small part of the seven types of intelligence within them. However, over time one area becomes dominant through personal development. The following types are listed below.

  • Linguistic Intelligence - expressive and heightened sense of understanding
  • Logic Intelligence - insightful
  • Kinesthetic Intelligence - heightened sense of space, depth, distance and size
  • Spatial Intelligence - heightened sense of creativity
  • Musical Intelligence - absolute pitch
  • Interpersonal Intelligence - power to influence
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence - deeply connected

Sometimes, an eighth intelligence is also included in form of naturalist which expresses the sensitivity towards nature and their surroundings. However, it is questionable whether this is more an interest rather than intelligence.

Intelligent Machines can so far be split into four core areas of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Reactive Machines - representations are domain specific, no concept of world, memory or past
  • Limited Memory - representation of the world in the past in order to adapt
  • Theory of Mind - representations about the world and about other agents and entities including thoughts and emotions
  • Self-Awareness - representations about self

Blending human intelligence as well as understanding of context from the various representations in memory could add a significant boost to Artificial Intelligence. A further step in this process may extend into the wired personality traits that incorporate the various unique tendencies and preferences of an individual robot.