24 March 2017

Cultural Fit

Cultural Fit is a shield many organizations use to cover up a set of attributes they look for that are intrinsic to their company. But, if one inspects the concept closely it pretty much makes it transparent that the notion is really a form of discrimination and technically where such biases are illegal in the workplace not to mention in secular societies. Could this be the reason why diversity is still an issue in some organizations? And, one reason why there are so few women in technology roles today? There are two attributes that drive a business: performance and innovation. And, it really is these two attributes that should drive the recruitment process. It seems many companies are still hung up on the idea of cultural fit, end up recruiting individuals that are too similar to each other, possibly treat their roles as a daily grind where innovation gets inhibited and the enjoyment of work becomes a foregone conclusion. The glue that is holding a team together drifts apart eventually from frustration and an exceptionally high turnover of employees emerges within an organizational dynamics all with the view of maintaining some abstract concept of a culture. No two people are ever alike. Such concepts of cultural fit are implemented and developed by human resources turning into an almost factory concept of workers. But, if one inspects the function of human resources closely do they really understand how to recruit the right people if all they will do is hunt for keywords on a CV and whether the candidate acts a certain way? In most cases, the entire human resources function at organizations can be replaced by artificial intelligence and data science. Many companies have already given up on the nonsensical idea of cultural fit, favoring more towards diversity and inclusion. Perhaps, it is time organizations moved on from nonsensical approaches to recruitment, developed better, more objective means of evaluation, and focused more on what really matters as relevant to the role. Performance is a major driver for business. What does it matter if someone fits in or not? They could just as easily be lazy at work, bored out of their wits with the repetitive grind, and still pretty much fit in a bubble of a large organizational dynamics which really does not bring any quantifiable output to the business other than another salary or wage earning employee that could become a victim for redundancy down the road. We do need to inspire, encourage, be more accepting of people that are not like us, especially for a balanced workplace and for maintaining a healthy inspiring energy for innovation. All this is important for the survival of a business and to continuously maintain a competitive advantage. Also, is it any wonder that history repeatedly shows that it is really the people that don't fit in are really the ones that eventually become the real success story in society. Why are we so hung up on maintaining the status quo in every form of society when even time eventually brings about change?