11 March 2017

Digital News

News is a central cornerstone of society which allows one to be kept informed of events of local and global scope across a plentitude of topics. Paper newspapers are a foregone conclusion as many are now digitally available online. However, plenty of news services are still very much untapped and news outlets still depend on conventional approaches. Also, accessibility of news should be available to all. Although, this has been made possible to a degree with social media. The below provides some ideas of extending into a new generation of news services to provide for objectivity as well as allowing untapped potential for news gathering, semantics, analytics, and reporting.

  • real-time bidding of news
  • submission of news by journalists (but one doesn't have to be a journalist to provide news of significant value i.e crowdsourcing of news for all)
  • return on investment for news sites and writers
  • analytics on news
  • seo of textual and image content through natural language processing and deep learning
  • scoring news for influence, trust, and authority
  • digital news gathering and discovery
  • circulation graph
  • alerting and viral monitoring
  • sentiment analysis
  • defining knowledge actors/agents for: anchor, journalist, reporter, writer, editor, correspondent
  • event/story timelines
  • automated/assistive headlines and summaries
  • cloud based services and api
  • news content publishing
  • collaborative and content filtering
  • increasing readership and news consumption
  • news curation
  • story semantics and connected news sources
  • identifying fake news
  • news accessibility
  • firehose of automated generation of news feeds
  • queryability for connected news in a linked data graph of stories
  • prevent risk events through proactive text-driven forecasting and reporting