25 March 2017

Swarm Bandit Robotics

Border control is an issue for most land locked countries including ones that have direct access to water ways. Being able to control every aspect of a border is not humanly possible in most cases. But AI can in fact help cover a larger distance with greater amount of force and attributed control. Artificial Intelligence in form of swarm intelligence and reinforcement learning can create an effective force for border security and control. Building a great wall is pointless and overly expensive. Eventually the wall comes down. But, an army of drones and robots, if well engineered, becomes a force to reckon with as well as adaptable to patterns of attack and infiltration. The ultimate goal being an autonomous army of swarm robots that can apply tactical understanding and manoeuvrability across the entire map of the country, advanced in strategic alliance and combat, when necessary, to protect the sovereignty of a nation and its people.

Military Swarming
pentagon drone swarm autonomous war machines