11 May 2017

Intelligent Religion

Religion in some societies plays an intricate part and is almost subsumed in the traditions and cultures. However, religion through time has also been a source of hatred and intolerance among people and the reason behind in-flighting in communities.  Perhaps, an intelligent set of services that utilize methods of natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning approaches could help better understand the many religions and pave a sense of harmony towards a peaceful coexistence. One aspect of it could incorporate understanding the various focal text that define a religion using natural language processing and deep learning techniques. At same time, doing a sense of interpretation of text to plain english so people can better understand their belief system as defined by their religious texts. Objectivity between religions would have to be a cornerstone of such intelligence in order to fully appreciate the duality of various faith forms in a sense of equality of interpretation. In a lot of ways such intelligence applied to religion is really about applying artificial intelligence to philosophy and theology for a more varied generalizability. This could even assist in better understanding and shaping society going forward so as humans we can understand the different norms and morals that shape the foundations of ethics. Understanding religions would also hold a single source of truth that could come handy during political conflicts as a means of objective negotiations formed through evidence and logical reasoning. One may be able to form more convincing reasons towards the equality of men and women and even the justification of measuring up to the ten commandments. Furthermore, an intelligent agent that can objectively reason on religious texts and the existence of humankind on earth holds a gold mine of understanding or getting closer to the truth.