30 September 2019

Programming Paradigms

There are various programming paradigms that have come about in computer science. However, none has replicated the abstractions of philosophic logic in their entirety to leverage the full capacity for artificial intelligence. Building programs that replicate philosophic constructs might be a way of leveraging better abstractions for artificial intelligence programs as well as reasoning systems. The following are some constructs derived for abstractions and concreteness that could be baked in or extended as part of the evolution of programming languages to converge the mind and the mechanisms of machines:
  • Class
  • Object
  • Concept
  • Thing
  • Predicate
  • Actor
  • Agent
  • Subject
  • Notion
  • Standard
  • Data
  • Thought
  • Idea
  • Category
  • Being
  • Action
  • Intent
  • Event
  • Belief
  • Desire
  • Message
  • Observer
  • Axiom
  • Restrict
  • Rule
  • Function
  • Relation
  • Attribute
  • Instance

18 September 2019

Classification (Binary, Multi-Class, Multi-Label)

Binary Classifier - choose single category for an object from two categories

Multi-Class Classifier - choose single category for an object from multiple categories

Multi-Label Classifier - choose as many categories as applicable for the same object