11 November 2014

Small Business Finance

These days small businesses have it hard when it comes to getting financing or even refinancing from banks. However, peer-to-peer is offering newer possibilities. Individual investors or should we say angel investors are also becoming a possible option for many start-ups. However, the market for small business start-ups for continued finances is still rough terrain with many obstacles and at times more people to side track. Going public for investment should not be a necessity for small to large businesses either.  Private funding can still provide lucrative financing and even continued financing options for many.  Perhaps, more venture sites need to be sprung up in a semantically linked manner so more individuals can gain opportunities to invest and for small business owners to drive more cash injection into their ongoing projects. Banks these days provide limited savings options and even pensions are a forgone conclusion. Investment opportunities for individuals needs to grow in the often limited options. Even small investments need to be made available over high street investment banking which often drive bad investment decisions. Businesses need to be more connected with financing and allowing individuals to take small chunks of ownership in exchange for driving cash injection without having business to force themselves on the market exchange. Market exchanges are often also institutionally driven and are mostly a road block for the small time investor. Individuals investing opportunities into privately held start-ups before they go public should also be possible. Small time investor focus markets and opportunities really can be the next big thing for economic gains for all. They are also good opportunities for low-income earners looking for realistically plausible breaks that could provide significant returns later on. Although, nothing is guaranteed but publicly traded companies are almost always traded in bulk which would side track a small time investor looking for a possible break. Perhaps, opportunities could even arise as linked with stocks and shares ISA and other non-taxable investment plans. Even the common market exchanges need to open up more to the public in a linked data perspective with semantic web compliance.