20 April 2017

Semantic Web Meetup Course

semantic web london

  • Introduction to Semantic Web standards and Linked data technologies 
  • Resource Description Framework 
  • Graph-based data model representation and core concepts 
  • Terse RDF Triple Language 
  • Advanced RDF features 
  • Best practices on publishing RDF data 
  • RDF Schema (RDFS) 
  • Discussion of the added value of a schema driven by examples 
  • Syntax of the core features: classes, properties and their characteristics 
  • Relationships between RDFS vocabulary elements 
  • Computing answers to typical queries over RDFS datasets 
  • Using Protege for modeling and querying RDFS datasets 
  • Limitations of RDFS 
  • Querying Semantic Web with SPARQL 
  • Core concepts 
  • Basic graph patterns 
  • Querying datasets with the SPARQL engine StarDog 
  • Filters and SPARQL expressions 
  • Property path expressions 
  • Complex graph patterns with advanced features such as optional parts, aggregation and ordering Other query types 
  • Updating with SPARQL 
  • OWL Web Ontology Language  
  • Core concepts and differences to RDFS 
  • Overview of OWL modeling constructs
  • Modeling and assessing the benefits of alternative models in a particular application context Substitutability of modeling constructs 
  • Discussion of the trade-off between the expressivity of modeling languages and the computational efficiency of querying 
  • OWL profiles 
  • Limitations of the expressive power of OWL 
  • Applications of Semantic Technologies in Practice