11 May 2013

Food Places To Avoid In London

In big city like London there is an unprecedented amount of food places on offer and with them comes a high risk factor with the degree to which such foods can be classed as edible to almost hygienically unpredictable. Often such places are made attractive with the bargain pricing factor. However, with that option also comes cheaper quality. It is left to the individual to decide whether quality can out way the price. In my opinion, one should never bargain on the quality of food like one would for an item of clothing or electronics. A lot of these places are made also accessible to the tourist or the person on the move due to their quick self-service options and their competitive pricing model. As an opinion, a few of the common places I have found to lounge in certain degrees of unpredictability and risk to falling sick the following morning are listed below. I hope one does not rely on such fast food places on a daily basis as that would quickly effect one's health over time. The choice of creating and cooking one's meal at home is almost always the best option.

  • McDonald's

They advertise so much on TV that one can almost get brain washed to paying them a visit. They also provide one of the most commercialized burger models around at an extremely competitive price. However, the quality of the food is on a very unpredictable side. Often times one will feel sick straight after they have had a meal almost like getting bad reflux. The food is also quite unhealthy if taken on a regular basis. Best to avoid and try some other more authentic burger places. Sure these other places may be more expensive but well worth it. 

  • Burger King

Another fast food place in competition with McDonald's. One would get a different style of reflux here often times is more jerky and a feeling of being bloated. Surely, an unpredictable place as well. There are so many other better alternative places for burgers around London. Does one really need to bargain on food and their health?

  • Cottage Chicken

A cheaper version of KFC, where the fries are unsavory and the chicken almost feels like its under cooked. KFC would be my advice or better yet get a whole chicken from some where like Waitrose or Sainsbury's. Free range is even better then such factory endorsed chicken fast foods.

  • Pret A Manger

One of the best places to obtain soggy sandwiches with some strange filling combinations which taste like they may almost be expired. If one just needs a quick sandwich while at work a better option would be make a homemade sandwich before heading off, that way one can control on what they eat, the cost, the hassle of standing in a queue, as well as on the quality. Another option might be to visit Paul instead.

  • Eat

Another competitor to Pret A Manger but with a little less quality. As if, Pret A Manger sandwich unpredictability was not enough. They also have a little less selection. Perhaps, one less set of options to choose for getting sick.

  • Certain Kebab Shops

Greasy kebabs shops seem to be appearing almost on every high street these days. They can range from Turkish kebabs to Middle Eastern roll up. Although, turning out to be tasty in the moment, the following morning may just be one of the worst days one ever had on a night out. This is not to say all kebab shops are bad but being vigilant on their preparation and serving often always can be one way of testing the waters before placing an order. Some places around London that are hot spots for a mix of unpredictable to really good kebab shops include the Edgware Road. But, one can also visit Best Mengal and Sofra which are even better in their own right. 

  • Bargain Bucket Style Asian Curries and Buffets

These are often one of those places where one can see and smell a lot of the food aromas out in the open. In fact, that is what they try to do as a way to sell cheaply and quickly. However, late night they basically trying to sell all of it out as it goes to waste. And, even in some of these places one can't be too sure as they may just reheat the food and serve it again the next day. Chinese and Indian foods are often unpredictable for the western palette especially down to the level of spiciness but also the way in which they cook it. Being vigilant in what one eats is the best way to go. Something that looks and smells good doesn't necessarily mean it will taste good let alone be healthy either.

  • Tescos

They serve value meals which are not very good but pretty much bargains in terms of what Tescos classes as a bargain and it is always best to check on the expiry date. My view would be to stay clear of such sandwiches, unless one doesn't really care about what goes inside their body.

  • CostCutter Style Sandwiches

Another one of those places where you get a mixed set of bargains with leftovers later at night. Baked items can be very greasy and the sandwiches something on the cheaper side pretty well at par with Tescos.

  • Tube Station Eat Outs

These places serve more expensive foods and lots to choose from. There is an extensive variety but some of the unpredictable eat outs are situated here also. It is not to say that they are all bad. One safe option for food is M&S they have a fairly good level of quality. Others that do work relatively well are places like Cornish Pasty. Also, would one really want to buy a sandwich from a place like boots where most of the stock they carry is in medicines or cosmetics.