6 July 2013

Staves - Facing West

Possibly the most droning music I have heard yet. And, this song which almost seems like it was created out of sheer boredom, loneliness, and in a waterfront town by three women who had nothing else to do but wonder about some man. This man could even be a wandering stranger looking for some lodging or even a strict father figure. But, the song does have a meandering creepiness to it. On BBC the song is played often a thousand times almost enough to make one go mental, to switch the channel, and really wonder about what the point in paying for a TV License. And, thank heavens for digital TV with a vast array of channels.  On youtube this song receives quite a lot of approval but I beg to differ. Possibly, the best song to have on when one is drunk, on their way home, while listening to this to make one realize the sheer pleasure of sleeping - enough to create the eerie imagery that life really can't be that boring as the nostalgic conundrums in the song.

facing west