20 January 2017

Next Generation Web Search

User, Content, and Context become the focal point towards a better and smarter search engine. Some areas of future searchable intelligence are listed below that could potentially add value to search engines of the future or improvement in existing platforms.

  • Better user experience 'how can we help you' bots for searching the Web
  • More semantically aware searching enrichment for contextual understanding
  • Machine Learning for more automated context learning and content filtering
  • Geolocation sensitive searching
  • More personalized searching
  • Searching by collaborative filtering
  • Mood sensitive searching
  • Ubiquitous content path searching and learning through metadata
  • Accessible searching into deeper web
  • Content search visualization and better queries over distributed web links
  • Searching content on specific question phrases similar to jeopardy
  • Better contextual search coverage of the Web
  • Additive context value to knowledge discovery
  • Search integration across products
  • Search becomes everywhere and all knowing, all seeing experience
  • Richer context cues adding more creative options for targeted audience advertising
  • Searching is swifter and shrewder
  • Search engines are able to contextually understand videos, audio, images, and text
  • Searching with better security of user identity and navigational behavior
  • Searching as a form of a crystal ball
  • Searching becomes more ubiquitous through wearable technology and electrical devices/appliances
  • Searching using more semantically aware and game-theoretic crawlers for indexing the Web