27 July 2012

Cyclists of London

Walking on the streets of London the major obstacle in your way is almost always the cyclists. Most cyclists in London need to attend a course on road rules and furthermore the common sense understanding that they really should be using brake when they need to. It is not the pedestrians job to be watching out for a cyclist. It is really the job of a cyclist to stop and give way to a pedestrian instead. In London, it is almost always the pedestrians right of way over everyone else. But, it is almost always a cyclist that seems to think it is ok to hijack a pedestrian's walkway, to not bother braking while crossing the street, to not even brake when turning, to not stopping at a traffic light while a pedestrian is crossing. Once a cyclist gets on their bicycle it is not stopping them, it is as if they forget they even have a brake option. They seem to speed along busy roads getting in way of pedestrians, often even asking pedestrians to get out of their way. The amount of reckless cyclists has led to many accidents in streets of London. However, whenever they are caught in a collision with a motor vehicle they often also play the blame card. They seem to find it ok to cut corners without following road rules or the right of way. They basically follow the rules of road rage once on their bike. In London they even have separate lanes for cyclists now. They even have a cycle hire scheme and so do most companies provide their own schemes for employees. The amount of cyclists in London has grown steadily but the common sense for most of them lags behind.