2 August 2012

Foodie Bits

A really awesome website reviewing top listed foods from London, UK is at Young and Foodish which produces top ten lists of best take away type of foods. For, some like myself, the typical cheap fast foods like McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Burger King just won't do. They apply more additives to their food then providing a quality food to eat. Isn't it all about eating well but also for the price. The cheap fast foods in my opinion produce food that lacks quality and is not even worth the price tag that they try to attach. However, one place being an exception where all things stop short with bang and that is Nandos. The peri peri chicken just makes the mouth water. Has anyone ever said anything bad about Nandos? Another, exception being M&S Food Market. They also do the best food and I think for the most part they are reasonably priced. However, I have found recently they have been reducing their quality standards which has been not at par to the price tags. Selfridges is another nice place packed full of different food types from all over the region, one would be hard pressed not to find something to quench the appetite. There so many new places opening up around London and so many closing down at same time, that it makes it quite a competitive environment to pick and choose what to eat. Even kebab shops make a nice meal if one is careful as to where they are buying it from and to take careful view of their health and safety standards when preparing their meals. A really good place to eat turkish is Best Mangal. This place is absolutely delectible for kebbabs and all things grilled. Even the aroma is of fresh food being cooked in a manner that you know has been reasonably to a degree well cared for. This place has been in business for so long and going strong for ages that they even opened a new branch to accommodate the amount of customers they were receiving on any given day. I think it is quite valuable to visit places where you can watch for a little while how they are with customers and how they attend to health and safety when preparing the relevant ordered meals. Other then that it is all down to the taste. Some times even cheap food tastes good. But then can anyone say Tescos Value chicken is any good to write home about. Possibly, the only time I have seen anyone eat Tesco Value meals are when they are at University, otherwise, its one of the first things everyone skips . In my view, the only really good grocery stores are Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, and M&S. And, for package shopping stores like Lidl and Iceland work a treat. Pound stores can be quite a bargain but can one really trust everything that is being sold for one price.