13 August 2012

Olympics Closing Ceremony

Perhaps, the most boring closing ceremony yet. It felt like being sunk deep into a time warp. Like watching a staple of British performers most of which were so old that they sounded like they had almost forgotten how to sing their own songs. For me pressing to cartoon network on my remote was very tempting almost by virtue of the minutes that ticked by. In so many ways, and not just one, the ceremony felt like watching a retirees reunion in a big dome where all things sounded out of place even the musical notes and the harmonics in their vocals. I was aghast with the way they flamboyantly spent the taxpayers money only to provide not only a mediocre opening but also a closing ceremony. As yet, I don't feel I want to remember most of the closing ceremony. And, have to admit the Brazilian glimpse of 2016 certainly seemed more of a triumph then the whole British orchestration which just gave a new dimension of boredom that only places like the Tate Art Gallery could approve of as artistic. British are known to criticize everyone apart from themselves and yet here they left behind a very unmemorable legacy with a huge expense for the taxpayer that probably the economy will not recover from for a fair few years to come. However, some of the events were pretty well interesting to watch as Team GB won the gold. They really did outdid themselves even when it came to cheating their way for the Gold in the cycling circuit. However, the most perplexing notion for me during the Olympics was when I noticed the British national anthem play for the Team GB athletes. What were they feeling inside? Were they feeling patriotic for the country or for the queen? Doesn't it make one wonder a national anthem where almost every line has the word queen in it. Where is notion of democracy and the patriotism for the country? Does the British army fight for the queen or the country? Are those medals being won with the spirit of Great Britain or with the spirit of the queen in their hearts? If I was on that podium listening to the national anthem play I would be a bit confused. I got the blue, red, and white stripes on only to be relegated. Don't really know how I would feel about that. Perhaps, the British national anthem needs to change so it represents the country and the people of a great nation a bit similar to the American national anthem. I suppose only time will tell. But, then as things change the more they end up staying the same. Do people in Britain really have a voice? Was the Olympics really the peoples' games this year? Who really knows other then the so many corporations that benefited at the occasion. But, one thing is for sure, Olympics do really bring out a sense of collective solidarity and the sense of how nations can really get along together even through the motions of sports.