1 January 2014

London NYE 2014 Fireworks

The fireworks display for 2014 was even more spectacular in London compared to last year and even more smokey. Although, not sure what spectacular really means here and why every year the smoke seems to overrule the fireworks display for London with the amount of smoke that develops in the sky. There was also no pyrotechnic contrast or coordination in the display. The effect did start out nicely but then gradually reduced into an awful lot of smoke. It almost seemed like someone used a bit of everything and scattered it everywhere around the London Eye. Even the music seemed out of sync. It is strange that fireworks displays that happen around the world at various time zones seem to be clearer and more organized every year. Perhaps, in London they take the approach of quantity is better than quality as well as the wider and noisier the effect the better.

It is also interesting to note the various different types of firework effects that can be produced:

Pyrotechnics can also be categorized into numerous different types.

What is the real difference between fireworks and pyrotechnics? A lot of it has to do with their use and associated regulatory difference. Also, the positioning and intended markets can vary as well as the purpose of the device in which each requiring a different skill set and training. However, fireworks can be classified as a subgroup of pyrotechnics.  Pyrotechnics mean more than just fireworks but also the various components and safety equipment required to produce the effects which provide for the varying user cases.

Perhaps, one could devise a semantic ontology for fireworks one day for linked data.