23 May 2014

Can You Spare £100,000

Begging is a growing epidemic in many big cities of the world. Often high unemployment and strains from the economic climate bring people to desperation. But, what we also see is that the inflationary effects can also be seen with beggars. People in general are also reluctant to offer help in big cities and are quite skeptical of getting involved in other peoples' personal affairs or situations. Beggars also have many sides to them and require a careful observance from a passerby. At times, many beggars even appear to dress better than the passerby. Is this to say that they are making more on any given day or week than a minimum wage earning worker? Should one really drop change to a beggar, if they can wear clothes that look like they weren't bought from a yard sale or a charity shop? If one can afford to keep a dog, should one really be begging on the streets? It is a conundrum of sorts at times in the context of which people can find a beggar and the way they are able to exploit the good nature of many. Perhaps, identifying genuine beggars requires a keen observant eye. In places like London, beggars may even frown if one leaves them a 1p coin. But, one that really gets the pickle is in the expensive areas. Ironically, there are beggars that can be found sitting on sides actively asking for £100,000 to spare from passersby "can you spare me a £100,000". They can actively be seen sitting in corners with well washed football jerseys, clean denims, and pretty sleek pair of trainers. One wonders whether there really are such gullible people out there to fall for such dubious tricks of the begging trade. Beggars are really shafting up the wrong end of the stick. An almost synonymous to the Oliver Twist shenanigans. In other areas, we can find a whole team of worker honeypots of women edged a few distances away from each other begging for money. Perhaps, they are even supporting their income in such a way while living on benefits. We can imagine in some cases there could be people running a business of begging, right from under us, while exploiting the good nature of many. Such things are also quite typical in developing countries as was so vividly illustrated in Slumdog Millionaire. Although, there are many genuine beggars that exist in cities who really do deserve our support. Unfortunately, such double-dealing antics makes one more dubious of the genuineness of beggars and in keeping to an overall vigilant attitude.