27 January 2015

Shared Workplaces

Shared workplace practices are growing especially for companies that like to maintain a start-up environment. In such environments, employees from multiple companies could be situated there and collectively working while sharing certain resources. It also builds on an open atmosphere of networking for business as well as funding. Such practices can also mean cost savings. Even options for hot desks are possible. However, they do bring with them complications. Security can be a concern with shared use of the Internet and personal belongings. Health and Safety is also a major concern in such environments as different companies have their own requirements. It also means the host of such workplaces really does need to show a collective consideration for all their members who have hired those workspaces. One also needs to be cautious about pets in such environments as they may not always be welcome either by some companies or pose a health issue for others. In such issues, vaccination certificates should be available for view if demanded. It can also pose a major compliance issue especially of the various local regulations across countries. In other cases, balancing the needs of every member becomes difficult especially if one is more demanding than the other. Having too many rules and regulations for members in how they use the workspaces can also push people away. In fact, it can also get in the way of standard agile practices. Modern businesses really do have to weigh out the efficiency gains and the productivity of staff in such shared workplace practices with a full perspective of all employees as well as that of the host environment.