13 January 2015

Taken 3

It is getting a bit tiring now that the man's family keep getting taken and that he is constantly left trying to save the daughter. The action sequences in Taken 2 and now Taken 3 have not been near as comparable to the original Taken sequel. It seems the franchise for Taken and its characters have well reached their saturation point. To put it mildly even Bryan Mills must be getting tired, old, and his daughter equally as much. Perhaps, it is time these two were left alone to live in peace. After all they have lost the mother and now Bryan Mills is about to become a grandfather. There is also only so much that a direction to an action sequence can take between the same chilling scenario. Overtime, the fan base dwindles and the audience is left with a story that has a predictable ending. However, Taken has done much to revitialize the acting career of Liam Neeson as an enviable action hero. There are bound to be plenty of other action roles, in the future, that the dynamic actor could put his mind to next.