17 October 2014

Infinite Scrolling

One of the worst things to come out of the user interface trends of today is infinite scrolling. So many new interfaces are taking on the trend and pushing users away by making navigation naturally more difficult. Not even sure why it has become such a trend as it goes against the basic usability principles and completely works against the design of the Web. Some things do take on shapes in mindless sea of designs where common sense and usability take a back seat over trendy functionality. Perhaps, it will be soon enough when websites go through another natural progression for new designs at which point the infinite scrolling will dub down to mere faded feature of the past. Semantic Web also does not work well with infinite scrolling. Even such a disoriented feature at times adds more reduction in response time. So, naturally the feature and functionality should be best avoided where search and navigation become an utter annoyance for the user. Human Computer Interaction studies indicate that users want finality to a web page where they are able to scroll to the end, invariably this provides them a sense of control towards making an informed decision.