20 June 2014

England vs Uruguay

England were understood to have a sure defeat. The players are just everywhere on the field and completely disorganized. How many times did they miss and have chances at scoring goals. They rarely if ever seem to play as a team. England players are just way too arrogant. Each player wanting to score a goal on their own and that is exactly how they make mistakes. There is very little talent that could be seen on field from the sidelines when England play. Often opponent goals are scored because England are just giving the ball away from lazy game plays. One could tell as an audience most felt let down, yet again. When Rooney scored the first goal, one could tell his arrogance would kick in and he would again be everywhere looking to score on his own and still miss. One could also tell Gerrard, being the captain, was asking other team players to set him the game for a goal score. As a captain one would imagine he would be looking to play the game out as a team. Gerrard is also possibly the most useless captain to have on the England squad let alone even as part of the team. These players get paid way more than their mediocre skills. And, for what exactly, do they repeatedly get selected on the international games. Perhaps, the lack of international successes shows that the football talent in UK resides completely at the hands of foreign players. At least, that is so apparent with all the really good players in premier leagues also being foreigners. England no matter how many practice and climate training they do they still do not appear to understand that physical training is just as important as mental training. There is a very good chance that England will be out of the World Cup fairly soon. One also needs to acknowledge and concede they just do not have what it takes to win in international games no matter how highly specialized training they get, a natural flare and talent is just undoubtedly lacking in English players.