13 June 2014

Spain vs Netherlands

What a sheer level of thrashing and demolition derby came in full force from the Netherlands in an immense 5-1 victory against Spain. Pretty much leaving Spain in their tracks and dumbfounded. Yes, dumbfounded is an exactness. Cheating has been the cornerstone of the game play of Spain for much of the past World Cup events. But, not anymore will they overtake the gaping pool of talent and achievement woven in the fabric of Netherlands football over the years. World Cup almost always brings a sheer amount of surprise and excitement. And, this game was no different in surprises. The quality of play on display was spectacular, possibly even better than Brazil from day before. The first couple of goals in many respects left a jolt through Spain for much of the game. While, Netherlands were relentless on the field and finished with a very fruitful result.