23 December 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas is almost here. People are in a state of panic. Last minute shopping is on the high streets. People are driving home to be with families. Christmas trees are up. It will start to get quaint and quiet outside in the mist of English gloomy weather. People will stay inside unwrapping presents and eating copious amounts of food. The streets will become deserted. The shops will be all closed. It will turn into a ghost town as people sit by the living rooms making their time count with their families during the holidays. And, still there will be a lingering thought among many as to their financial position that will only become more apparent as the new year draws near. Some will even feel a sheer sense of boredom sitting at home with family members that they rarely ever get along with on most days. Others will question the very hypocrisy that western holidays represent. Does one have to be nice to others only during Christmas? Is Christmas really about gift giving and the shallowness of it all?