11 December 2013

Restful By DropWizard

There are now quite a few useful options available for developing Restful applications within Java frameworks. However, from a business standpoint it is still about rapid turn around time and project management which is key for developing Restful services with correctness. The usual routes are Spring Rest, Play framework, JEE stack, Apache CXF and friends, or Restlet. One more framework that Yammer have decided to use specifically for the purpose of rapid development and integration for services is Dropwizard. This framework pretty much ties in other mature libraries together saving time for ops, checking for high performance, and to build into a light-weight package. The framework has support for configuration, metrics, logging, ops tools, and more.  Quite a useful Restful focused framework for getting things done.

Also, if one is new to REST, there is an interesting RestExpress Tutorial.