23 December 2013

Nodejs Frameworks

Interestingly, Node.js has provided a means to build a full stack application in a rapid development process with just JavaScript as one underlining complexity language both on client-side as well as server-side. Keeping one language throughout the stack provides for a less complex solution. Node.js is also a very flexible NIO option. There are many JavaScript modules and frameworks that have sprung up and are continuing to do so as progress in the area continues. Users desire real-time updates and are very impatient for delays in response times. JavaScript as a result has diversified its field of vision across many domains. Although, security is still a big issue with JavaScript. The following are some interesting new frameworks on the horizon that are rapidly picking up steam in the open community.

Meteor - rapid, responsive, reactive, development for browser based applications
Derby - building real-time collaborative applications made simple for Nodejs and browsers
Sails - building Rails inspired applications for the enterprise 
Restify - module for building Restful applications on Nodejs
Hapi - server framework for Nodejs

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