2 April 2014

Google User Interfaces

Although, Google have always looked to streamlining user interfaces, they often fail to improve on the experience per each iteration of a change. In a lot of respects, as they change the functionalities they also effect much of the user interaction which a lot of times happens for the worse rather than for the better. Perhaps, while making such functional changes the user experience value takes a backseat or is forgotten. Google over the years have developed many applications around the advertising model. However, most services work well at the first iteration of launch. But, following on, as they try to improve the interfaces and features, they usually fail to improve on the user experience value. Perhaps, it is emerging slowly that user interaction may not be Google's strongest point as a business. Most of their interfaces are minimalist which might hint at the thought of smart user interfaces. But, at the heart, the business model is around tech savvy applications and tools. Most of their website goes through regular transformations in some form or another. However, if one wants to navigate through their website, it would be like trying to map one's way through a maze. Unless, obviously one knows where everything is located. Making more engaging and intuitive user experiences could go a long way towards continuing the iterative improvement on interaction design, while not forgetting on the functionality.

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