2 April 2014

Pearson Developer Network

Pearson has made significant efforts towards making content more accessible for developers through APIs as well as a shift towards platform as a service for learning. However, there is a fundamental drawback to their services which is primarily the fact that there is no source of advertising and the services have a very high premium cost factor. Although, content is a fairly high value, the cost factor would really need to marginalize in order to make it more appealing. Also, one fundamental issue with providing Pearson books seems to be with the fact that one cannot download a whole book using a reader which is a real shame as section by section and even by chapter can be a real drag for most readers especially if it requires batch loading and reloading of content. As newer services and content are made more discoverable on the internet, there are chances that other providers may be able to take advantage by providing more cost effective solutions for both developers and consumers of mashups. Furthermore, in order to stay competitive content providers are going to be more cost aware and make content more reassuringly accessible for a wider audience, intern also looking to reduce the cost factor over time. Thus, pushing more savings for both developers and readers.