3 April 2014


Selfies have hit big time on the social media scene. As everyone seems to be doing it. Even Google has started to provide a shelfie for selfies or more colloquially named for shareable selfies. What is so trendy about taking snaps of oneself, other than to display how self-obsessed one is in their life. At least, they do spell the three fundamental words: me, myself, and I. Taking snaps has always been about depictions of surroundings and of others. At least, that is what has always made photography interesting. What is this craze about a selfie that makes one want to snap every instance of their waking life? Strangely enough, they are also more popular among celebrity culture and teenagers. May be, it has also been influenced by the forward-facing cameras on mobile phones of making them so accessible, for the sheer reason of starting a craze, or the simple need to explore the options on the phone. Being able to share and showcase one's life in an instance could be exciting and addictive for some. But, it does show a very shallow society and also an indication that some people just have far too much time on their hands. In a way, they are a historical pre-dated concept from taking photos at a photo booth, to using the self-timers on an antique camera, to even the old kodak moment, to the polaroid instant photos, and even the instant moments caught on a postcard. And, as people document their lives on social media they will inevitably take snaps to depict their every day lives whether boring to some and interesting to others with the added benefit of having little need to explain the moment in words to have them posted on instagram or pinterest.