9 February 2014

Boardwalk Empire

The roaring series ruined much of the climax by killing off Jimmy Darmody. In process, it reduced viewer ship ratings as well. The following up seasons have had a bittersweet after taste and never could reach the pinnacle. Even though, the series chronicles the life of the Atlantic City politician and gangster Nucky Thompson, it does not focus much of a symbolic strong hold on the character. And, as such, the plot lines of the many underlining characters provide for much distraction. Once the protege was passed on after season two it had a very reminiscent effect which seemed to have never managed to recuperate. A lot of varied dark societal story depictions are made which have no real basis or direction. The partying of the Roaring Twenties can not last forever. Each episode is turning into mundane, similar, and almost repetitious story lines. Certainly, it is time Boardwalk Empire came to an end.