10 February 2014

Entertainment Trends

Finding trends in entertainment can be a root to understanding what people are interested in at any given time. It seems information that can be gathered from such findings can lead to not only better rated shows but more contextual programming at any given time. Also, such analytics could be of value to many TV networks, music services, social networks, mobile providers, gamers, movie productions, and even entertainment related websites. Context is often the key to any information gain. And, media moves in swift beats often chasing the next mood or trend that arises. Entertainment in all its forms is driven by people and the way in which it can keep them continuously tuned in. There are various data sources that can be utilized for such analysis and even curated. Going further such information can unlock options for forecasting and predictions. There is even value here for semantic ontologies for contextual entertainment. Nielsen is one such source which provides data on what Americans are watching, reading, playing, browsing, buying and more. Understanding such trends at global scale could also be an option to provide further insights on tastes in entertainment within any given region. Although, as Nielsen has such a tight hold on this consumable data it makes it all the more necessary to curate, unlock and make accessible this information as an open linked data which could be available to all.