5 February 2014

Coca Cola Commercial

The conservative posts in social media networks on the Coca Cola super bowl advert clearly displays the very essence of intolerance and bigotry that is widespread in America. America has always been the land of immigrants and a melting pot of different racial backgrounds. It is quite absurd for an American to hate on a particular race as almost every one has ancestry dating back from some where other than America. The only natives are the American Indians who never had much of a say before their lands were invaded by immigrants. And, then came the years of slavery which perpetuated even more hatred. It seems as things change the more they do stay the same. Although, now intolerance has taken many different forms and routes globally. Also, there is a deep seated view that at times education is failing to teach the basic principles of societal values and morals. Or, it could also be taken that such matters are for parents who may not be sufficiently teaching kids the basic human values but are perhaps more focused on materialistic aspects of life. And, as people focus more and more towards materialistic affairs the whole societal value system over time changes or gets overlooked as things become more acceptable. Although, not by the virtues of it being right but perhaps not as important. One should ask why assimilation is expected in West, while the East does not force this matter on their foreigners. A one-sided approach to such an outlook is perhaps silenced by hypocrisy.